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SGCH Kastdemur's Citrillion 3*M

(Pictured as a 3 year old/3rd Freshener)


Linear Appraisal:

1-03  VG86 VEVV
2-06  EX92 EEEE


1-00 279 1770 72 57
2-00 241 2190 77 66 
2-11 245 2300 76 72

Show Placings:

- 2003 ADGA Nationals 1st pl. Intermediate Kid

- 2003 Sonoma Co. Fair Junior Champion, 1st pl. Intermediate Kid

- 2004 ADGA National 3rd/3rd Udder Milking Yearling

- 2004 Sonoma Co. Fair 1st/1st Udder Milking Yearling

- 2004 CA State Fair 1st/1st Udder Milking Yearling

- 2004 Record: 5x1st, 3x2nd

- 2005 Record: 6x1st, 2xRGCH

- 2005 ADGA National 5th pl. 2 yr. Old

- 2005 Sonoma Co. Fair 1st/1st Udder 2 yr. Old

- 2005 CA State Fair 1st/1st 2 yr. Old 

- 2005 CA State Fair Best LaMancha Udder

- 2006 Show Record:  4x1st, 3xGCH

- 2006 ADGA National 8th pl. 3 year old

- 2006 CA State Fair 1st/1st udder 3 year old

- 2007 Sonoma County Fair 3rd/3rd udder 4 year old

- 2007 CA State Fair 3rd/1st udder 4 year old


S:  +*B Hogg's Hideaway Chiron
SS: *B Redwood Hill's Nomad Scout
SD:  SGCH Hogg's Hideaway Chimera *M  (1994 & 1996 ADGA National Champion)
D:  GCH Kastdemur's Citra 2*M  EX92
DS:  GCH ++*B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult  EX92
DD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Sprite *M  EX92

Born: March 2003
Color: White

     Citrillion is Krista’s first AI baby - and the fact that she’s beautiful makes it easy for her to remind us all the time of her success! Citrillion was impressive as a kid, and has not disappointed us as a milking doe. Her rear udder height, width, and arch is about as strong as it can get. Her teats are placed correctly, but we’d like them a bit smaller...oh well. She’s long, tall and level - very correct throughout. She and her dam were 1st pl. dam & daughter at the 2004 CA State Fair. In 2005  she placed 5th at the Nationals, but just a week later she came back and knocked the socks off of several does that had stood in front of her at the Sonoma County Fair, as she has kept deepening and maturing that year. Then she followed up by placing 1st/1st udder and Best LaMancha Udder at the CA State Fair just another couple of weeks after that!  Citrillion finished her Championship in 2006 early in the season. She’s a beautiful doe with an incredible mammary system....keep watching....Her daughter Cazillion was the 1st pl. Jr. Kid & Reserve Jr. Champion at the 2005 ADGA Nationals. She freshened with a lovely mammary system, and has won her yearling milker class numerous times for her new owner Sara Koehn-Walberg.  


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