up yours6
(Pictured as a 6-year-old/6th Freshener)
up yours rear6

Sire: Autumn-Acres Talon Willoughby
     SS: ++B One Oak Hill Tumbleweed Talon
     SD: CH Autumn-Acres Cycas Jamica

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Seven-Up 2*M EX91 (2001 ADGA Res. National Champion)
     DS: GCH ++B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult EX92
     DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Sprite *M

ADGA Genetics Link
Born: April 3, 2004
Color: Black, Tan Trim

          1-05 VG89 EVVE
          2-05 EX91 EEEE
          3-01 EX92 EEEE
          4-02 EX92 EEEE
          5-05 EX93 EEEE
          6-02 EX93 EEEE

          1-00 274 1250 49  36
          1-11 313 2350 72 66
          2-11 303 2540 96 70
          4-00 289 2760 102 76
          4-11 277 2300 88 63
          6-00 282 2060 78 58


  2004 Record: 4x1st, 1xRGCH, 1xJRGCH, 1xBJDIS
 2004 ADGA National 9th Jr. kid
 2004 Sonoma Co. Fair 1st Jr. Kid
 2004 CA State Fair 1st Jr. Kid

 2005 Record: 3x1st, 1x2nd
 2005 ADGA National 19th pl. Yearling Milker
 2005 Sonoma Co. Fair 5th pl. Yearling Milker
 2005 CA State Fair 3rd/3rd Udder Yearling Milker

 2006 ADGA National 9th Pl. 2 year old
 2006 CA State Fair 5th pl. 2 year old
 2006 Show Record:  4x1st, 1xGCH, 1xRGCH

 2007 Show Record:  3x1st, 3xGCH, 2XBDIS
 2007 Sonoma County Fair 2nd/2nd udder 3 Year old

 2008 Show Record:  3xBOB, 4xBU, 3xBUIS
 2008 ADGA National 2nd/2nd udder 4 year old
 2008 Sonoma County Fair 2nd/3rd udder 4 year old
 2008 CA State Fair 2nd/2nd udder
 2008  CA State Fair Res. GCH & Res. BU

 2009 Show Record:  2xBOB, 1xBDIS, 1xBUIS
 2009 ADGA National 2nd/2nd udder 5-6 Year Old 
 2009 Sonoma County Fair 2nd/2nd udder 5-6 Year Old
 2009 Sonoma County Fair Res. Champion
 2009 CA State Fair 3rd/3rd Udder 5-6 Year Old

 2010 Show Record:  3xBOB, 3xBDIS, 1xBUIS
 2010 CA State Fair 2nd/2nd udder 5-6 Year old
 2010 CA State Fair Res. GCH
 2010 Sonoma County Fair 2nd/2nd udder 5-6 Year Old

 2011 CA State Fair 1st/1st udder 7 & over
 2011 Sonoma County Fair 1st/1st udder 7 & Over

           Our beautiful 7-Up’s last daughter, UpYours is just a lovely, lovely girl. She’s black, with tan trim - tall, clean, angular, flat boned, and very dairy. She’s correct throughout - level over the top and strong on feet and legs (well, she has one injured pastern). She’s got her mother’s attitude - which was one of the many things we loved & admired about her.  Except, that she does think she's a Nubian - her "sister" is Mystere - who was born on the same day.  It's kind of funny to watch a LaMancha try to scratch the back of their shoulders with their ears.....especially when they are little tiny ears!  This one’s special.....and that is what all of the judges said over the years..”she’s got what she needs, just has to put it together”.....”she’s got the bone and the mammary, but not the maturity”....”she’s got the lines”...You can see just how she has grown and matured through the years if you look at her pictures below.

This mammary system is amazing, and she has those really beautiful teats - just the right size, just the right placement!  UpYours has been EX92 (EEEE) the past two years and has won several GCH, BOB, BUIS & BIS.  This year we were thrilled to see this beautiful doe go EX93 (EEEE) as a five year old for her permanent score.  UpYours scored Excellent in every single structural category.   She also scored EX93(EEEE) as a six year old - still lookin' good our girl!   She's in the same class as our Evian and stood 2nd to her at both the  2008 & 2009 ADGA National Show.  At the 2008 CA State Fair she was Reserve Champion to Evian (who was named Best Doe In Show ultimately).  At the 2009 Sonoma County Fair she was Reserve Champion to Evian also.  UpYours was 3 times BOB and BIS in early 2010 and was again Reserve Champion to Evian at the 2010 CA State Fair. 

Her son "Watcher" (*B Kastdemur's Watch Yourself) appraised EX90  and is a big strong powerful and impressive three year old.   Another son Kastdemur's Up & Atom has appraised EX91 (EEE) as a two year old.  Watcher daughters were 1st place Jr. Get in 2008 everywhere we showed them.  In 2009 we were thrilled to see them freshen and appraise VG87 and VG89, as yearlings.  In 2010 they appraised EX90 and VG88 as two year olds.

Her daughters are doing wonderful things as well.  GCH Kastdemur's Behave Yourself just appraised EX91 with an Excellent mammary system as a 4 year old and stood 1st place 3 year old at the 2009 ADGA National Show with an over 3000 lb. lactation.  Another of her daughters in our herd,  Mad About You appraised EX90 with an Excellent mammary system as well.

Beautiful UpYours is now going on 10 years old!  She's young at heart and fiesty as ever...and definitely doesn't look or act her age!  After taking this past year off, she is confirmed bred for 2014 kids and I couldn't be more thrilled!


  up yours state
(Pictured as a 7-year-old)
up yours6(Pictured as a 6-year-old) upyours july(Pictured as a 5-year-old)
up yours may(Pictured as a 4-year-old) UpYours 3big(Pictured as a 3-year-old)
Up Yours Aug 2(Pictured as a 2-year-old) upyours 1(Pictured as a Yearling Milker)


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