aquafina 3
(Pictured as a 3-year-old/3rd Freshener)
aquafina rear2

Sire:  +B Autumn-Acres Black Zephyr
     SS: ++B One Oak Hill Tumbleweed Talon
     SD: CH Autumn-Acres Cycas Jamica

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M EX94 (2008 & 2009 ADGA National Champion)
     DS: GCH ++B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult EX92
     DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Sprite *M

ADGA Genetics Link
Born: March 3, 2007
Color: Chocolate

          1-02 VG87 VVVV
          2-06 EX91 VEEE
          3-03 EX92 EEEE

          1-01 265 1760 48 50
          2-00 301 2990 83 85
          3-00 304 3570 99 100
          4-00 305 3180 95 91


   2007 - 3x1xt, 1xRes.JrGCH, 2xJrGCH, 1xBJDIS
  2007 Sonoma County Fair 2nd pl. Intermediate Kid
  2007 CA State Fair 3rd pl. Intermediate Kid

  2008 ADGA National 7th pl. Yearling Milker
  2008 Sonoma County Fair 6th Pl. Yearling Milker
  2008 CA State Fair 3rd/3rd udder Yearling Milker
  2008 Show Record:  1x1st, 1x2nd, 1xRes.GCH

  2009 Show Record:  6x1st, 2xRes.GCH, 3xGCH, 2xBU
  2009 ADGA National 1st/3rd udder 2 Year Old
  2009 Sonoma County Fair 1st/3rd udder 2 Year Old
  2009 CA State Fair 1st/1st udder 2 Year Old+
  2009 CA State Fair Res. GCH/Res. BU

  2010 CA State Fair 1st/2nd udder 3 year old
  2010 Sonoma County Fair 1st/2nd udder 3 Year Old

  2011 CA State Fair 1st/1st udder 4 Year old & Res BU


Aquafina has been quite a solid girl from us right from the start.  She did well as a kid, even winning BJDIS honors.  As a yearling milker she placed very well - standing with her dam Evian as the 1st place Dam & Daughter at the 2008 ADGA National Show.  She's a beautiful, extremely sharp & dairy, angular doe that really does milk very well.  Her udder is not only milky, so soft & fine in texture, it's solidly attached with an extremely high wide rear udder. 

Aquafina just keeps getting better & better as she matures.  In 2009 she was 1st six times, was 3 x GCH , 2 x ResGCH, and 2 times Best Udder.  We were so proud of her standing first in her class at the 2009 ADGA National Show and being considered for Reserve Champion behind her dam in the comments by the judges. She lost out to yet another VERY close relative though sired by her maternal half brother Kastdemur's Tach Lach! Aquafina & Evian stood 1st place Dam & Daughter once again at the National Show in 2009.

Aquafina's daughter Eye of the Storm was 1st place intermediate kid & was named ADGA National Junior Champion in 2009 as well - an amazing year for the Evian relatives!

2010 saw Aquafina earning 1st place in her class at both CA State Fair & Sonoma County Fair.  Getting better and better, longer, wider & deeper Aquafina is looking to milk close to 3600 lbs. this year.  That, and appraising EX92 with E's in all four categories!  This young doe is a solid, amazing young doe & we can't wait to see her kids out of Watcher for 2010!  

Aquafina had a rough year in 2011.  One injury after another kept her out of the show string in all but one fair where she managed a 1st place 1st udder finish!  Her biggest feat yet was that she made 2010 top ten list being tied for #9 in milk production!  And this year she is completing another 3,000+ lb record as well!


aquafina state(Pictured as a 4-year-old) aquafina 3(Pictured as a 3-year-old)
aquafina july(Pictured as a 2-year-old) aquafina 1(Pictured as a Yearling Milker)


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