2017 ALBA All American Recorded Grade Mature Milker
2018 ALBA All American Recorded Grade 4 Year Old 
2018 ALBA All American Supreme Champion Recorded Grade
2019 ALBA All American Recorded Grade 5 & Over
2019 ALBA ALL American Supreme Champion Recorded Grade

keep calm 4 nationals
(Pictured as a 5 Year Old/4th Freshener)

keep calm 4 rear june

Sire: *B Colquitt's Sebastian (Am Alpine)
     SS:CH *B Colquitt's Andretti
     SD: SGCH Colquitt's Sarzina 2*M EX92

Dam: Kastdemur's Keep it Up 4*M (PB LaMancha)
     DS: SG ++*B Kastdemur's Tach Lach
     DD: GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M EX93

ADGA Genetics Link
Born: April 4, 2014
Color: Chamoisee, white & black trim, elf ears
DNA Typed, Parentage Verified

          2-05 VG 87 VVEV
          4-02 EX 92 VEEE
          5-05 EX 90 VEEE

          1-11 287 2030 71 60
          2-11 305 2756 82 85
          3-11 305 2931 96 94
          5-01 271 2244 66 66 
          6-01 216 1557 63 53


2014 Show Record: 4x1st, 2xJrCH
2014 CA State Fair - 1st Place Jr Kid
2014 Sonoma County Fair - 1st Place Jr Kid  & Reserve Jr Champion

2017 Show Record:  3x1st, 1x2nd, 3xGCH, 1xRCH
2017 CA State Fair 1st/1st udder 3 Year Old
2017 Sonoma County Fair 2nd/2nd udder 3 Year Old

2018 ADGA National 1st/1st udder 4 Year Old

2019 ADGA National 2nd/2nd udder 5/6 Year Old

Calm was quite the surprise when she came out! I was definitely not expecting an elf-eared little beauty to be born...especially when her sister was a purebred LaMancha! After watching her grow, I knew I couldn't sell this kid...she was just too nice! So alas...we have a grade, which will be bred up to LaMancha. Calm was supposed to be a yearling milker this year, but slipped her pregnancy early on. She is an absolutely HUGE doe and looks like she's going to freshen awesome...we just have to wait an extra year! She will be bred for early 2016 kids.

Brown baby, as she's affectionately called, has grown into a massively huge doe! She is powerful, with tons of depth and width throughout, and is very open ribbed with the correct angle to her rib. She freshened with a beautiful mammary with a high, widely arched rear, nice fore, and correct teat size shape and placement...but quickly became uneven so was not shown. Despite being uneven she still peaked at 10 lbs of milk! With another freshening (and hopefully being even!) she should be an impressive doe to show!

Brown baby freshened even this year and quickly finished her GCH!  She is an impressive doe in her size, length, levelness, and pretty shaped mammary.  While not the most capacious mammary, it milks extremely well and she is projected for just under 3000 lbs as a 2nd freshener this year!

As a 3rd Freshener, Brown added more capacity to that mammary as well as more body!  She also won her class at Nationals!  We just love the size, strength and substance this doe has!

 Bred to:  *B Kastdemur's Louis Vuitton     Due:  February 2021

keep calm 4 nationals
(Pictured as a 4 Year Old)
keep calm 4 ring shot
(Pictured as a 4 Year Old)
keep calm 3 july
(Picured as a 3 Year Old)
keep calm 3 march
(Pictured as a 3 Year Old)
Kastdemur's Keep Calm 5*M
(Pictured as a FF 2-year-old)
keep calm kid 08 14 375h
(Pictured as a Kid)


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