All of our kids are removed immediately at birth and raised on a CAE prevention program of heat treated colostrum and pasteurized goat milk. They are given individual attention, are kept penned by age, and buyers often comment on their strong “socialization” skills! The kids are kept on Calf pro for coccidia prevention in their milk until approximately 3 months of age.  Kids are also on high quality Alfalfa hay starting at a week old, and a medicated kid grower pelleted grain is introduced around 4-5 weeks of age. Top quality alfalfa hay along with a 14% dairy pellet ration for the milkers, a variety of free choice minerals, and well water are provided for our animals. Our animals are dewormed twice as kids, and every year after kidding. We vaccinate for Entero, Tetanus, and give Bo-Se.  All animals are tested yearly for CAE and are negative.

Below are links to our most recent CAE testing.  All our animals are highlighted on the sheet (combined with Redwood Hills testing where the animals live).


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