safari 1 june
(Pictured as a 2 Year Old/2nd Freshener, Rear pic as a Yearling Milker)

safari rear 1 june 

Sire: +*B Huricane-PM Strawberry Mousse
     SS:  SG ++*B Kastdemur's AV Avalanche
     SD:  SGCH Huricane-PM SFCC S Berry Tart EX92

Dam:  GCH Kastdemur's Bombay 6*M EX92
     DS: GCH +*B J-Haven's 777 Livin' in Sin
     DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Bora Bora 5*M EX91

ADGA Genetics Link 
Born: February 17, 2022
Color: White
DNA Typed/Parentage Verified

       1-05 VG 86 GVGV

      1-01 281 2111 85 69
      2-01 58 725 30 26 (In Progress)


2022 - 2x1st, 2x2nd, 1xRCH, 1xJrCH, 1xBJDIS

2023 - 1x1st, 3x2nd
2023 ADGA National 7th Place Yearling Milker

Bristol is an extremely balanced kid.  She has all the length her dam did as a kid, but some added depth of body.  And her escutcheon is so wide and arched with perfect teat placement!  We are excited to watch her mature!  She was born the smallest of a set of triplets, but now is more than caught up with all the other kids her age and is really growing into quite the eye-catcher!

Bristol freshened with a socked on, gorgeous mammary!  The height, width, arch, overall area of udder attachment, shape, length of fore, teat placement are all impressive!  In our opinion a truly excellent mammary and not really anything that I would change on it.


bristol 2
(Pictured as a 2 Year Old/2nd Freshener)
bristol 1 nationasl
(Pictured as  Yearling Milker)
Bristol 1 May
(Pictured as a Yearling Milker)
vanity 2 august
(Pictured as a Senior Kid)



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