2022 ALBA All American Intermediate Kid 

safari 1 june
(Pictured as a 2 Year Old/2nd Freshener)
vivid rear 1 may 

Sire: +B Autumn-Acres Titanium
     SS:  *B Kastdemur's Raising the Bar
     SD:  CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M EX93 2019 ADGA Reserve National CH
     DS: SGCH ++*B Kastdemur's SA Stingray EX90
     DD: GCH Kastdemur's Ventura 4*M 

ADGA Genetics Link 
Born: March 4, 2022
Color: Sundgau
DNA Typed/Parentage Verified

       1-05 VG 85 VGGV
       2-03 VG 89 VEVE

      1-00 295 2090 74 60
      2-00 120 1438 55 50 (In Progress)


2x1st, 1xRCH, 1xJrGCH, 1xBJDIS
2022 Sonoma County Fair 1st Place Intermediate Kid
2022 ALBA All American Intermediate Kid

2023 - 2x1st
2023 ADGA National 4th Place Yearling Milker

Vivid may be the standout kid of our keepers (in my opinion!).  Vivid is a near clone of her dam at the same age.  She is extreme in her size, so long bodied, level, good strength of bone, open in her ribbing.  We like her so much that we are repeating the breeding that created her!

Vivid has grown into a beautiful, long, tall, stylish, yet immature yearling milker.  She freshened more than meeting our expectations with a beautifully shaped mammary.  She is a "long and lanky" yearling which is exactly how her dam was at the same age...and we look forward to watching her mature!


vivid 2 june 
(Pictured as a 2 Year Old/2nd Freshener)
Vivid 1 june
(Pictured as a Yearling Milker)
vivid kid(Pictured as an Intermediate Kid)  vanity 2 august(Pictured as an Intermediate Kid)



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