2023 ADGA National Premier Lamancha Sire

titanium1Titanium Daughter -GCH Kastdemur's Mambo #5 6*M EX93 EEEE 
2023 ADGA National Champion & Best Udder


Sire: Kastdemur's Raising The Bar
     SS: *B High-Tor Landslide Zigzag
     SD: GCH Kastdemur's Brita 4*M

Dam: CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal
     DS: *B South-Fork AV Hurricane
     DD:  CH Autumn-Acres Tressa's Tara

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Born: March 4, 2017
Color: Chocolate Sundgau
Alpha S1 Casein:  A/E
DNA Typed

We saw Tammy's 2 year old's on the livestream at Nationals in 2016 and knew we wanted a buck.  I loved the dairy strength, style and production on Teal so I was more than thrilled to get her buck to add to the herd this year! 

Titanium is a super stylish buck, being long, tall and level with his dam's dairy strength.  He is extremely wide throughout.  He has a wide flat back, level rump, and an incredibly wide escutcheon.  He also has a beautiful front end with so much extention of brisket, depth of heart and width.

Titanium was sold as a yearling when we just couldn't use him enough at the time, but we are so excited to be able to welcome him back into the herd this year!  His daughter, GCH Kastdemur's Mambo #5 EX92 easily finished her championship with a BIS win in tough competition.  Mambo also shows improvement in shape of mammary, milk production (working on a 3700 lb lactation as a 2nd freshener) and size over her dam.  We look forward to using Titanium on several does this fall!  Semen will be available this winter.

Titanium has given us a BEAUTIFUL crop of kids in 2022!  Three of our fanciest doe kids are sired by him!  They are long, tall, level, and very stylish.  They are flat boned with good substance.  And now those does are fresh as yearling milkers and are everything we hoped for.  His daughters had a GREAT showing at the 2023 ADGA National Show.  His yearling milker daughters were 1st and 4th place, his 5 year old daughter was the 2023 ADGA National Champion, and the 3 combined to win 1st place Senior get of Sire.  All of this topped off by winning 2023 ADGA National Premier LaMancha Sire!

Live Breeding Fee:  $100
Semen Available:   5/$350 (Processed by Frozen Assets and Blue Mountain Genetics)

GCH Kastdemur's Mambo #5 6*M EX93 - 2023 ADGA National Champion & Best Udder
            Kastdemur's Vashti
            Kastdemur's Vivid
            Kastdemur's Mon Ami
            Kastdemur's Savvy Chic
            Kastdemur's Cosmopolitain
            Kastdemur's Lush

 Titanium 6
Titanium himself pictured at 6 Years Old, in rut
mambo 2 june
Daughter:  GCH Kastdemur's Mambo #5 6*M EX93 EEEE
2023 ADGA National Champion & Best Udder
Titanium Senior Get 2023
Titanium Senior Get - 1st Place 2023 ADGA National Show
(Vashti - Yearling, Vivid - Yearling, Mambo - 5 Year Old)
vashti kid
Daughter: Kastdemur's Vashti - Yearling Milker
1st/1st Udder Yearling Milker 2023 ADGA National Show
paparazzi kid
Daughter:  Kastdemur's Paparazzi - Senior Kid
vivid kid
Daughter:  Kastdemur's Vivid - Yearling Milker
4th Place Yearling Milker 2023 ADGA National Show
titanium jr get 2022
Titanium Junior Get - 2x1st place in 2022
teal big
Dam - CH Autumn-Acres Tara's Teal


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Santa Rosa, California

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