titanium1Nitro's Dam -GCH Rockin-CB SFH June 10*M EX90  


Sire: Autumn-Acres AAT Magnum
     SS: Autumn-Acres Pull the Trigger
     SD: Autumn-Acres Nadia's Nora

Dam: GCH (pending) Rockin-CB SFH June 10*M EX90
     DS: *B South-Fork JHD Heath
     DD:  SGCH Lucky*Star's LX April Fool 9*M

ADGA Genetics Link
Born: April 22, 2021
Color: Sundgau
Alpha S1 Casein:  A/A
DNA Typed/Parentage Verified

In needing a slight outcross, I saw June pictured last summer and I was really drawn to her beautiful mammary.  The length of fore, smoothness throughout, and added to her power and depth.  On the sire's side, it goes back to the beautiful Nadia who I have always loved for her extreme size, correctness and strength throughout. Nitro was specifically purchased to compliment our Louis Vuitton daughters.  Nitro is a handsome buck kid.  I really love his upstandingness, extention of brisket, openess of ribbing, and his long, wide, flat rump in addition to his angulation of rear legs! Nitro will be used on several of our coming yearlings this fall! 

The first Nitro kids have been absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  They are growthy, with good substance and strength of bone.  They all have amazingly wide, flat rumps and are so structurally correct.  We are excited to continue using him!

nitro 4m 
Nitro Pictured at 3.5 Months Old


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