2015 ALC Reserve All American Senior Kid
2016 ALC Reserve All American Yearling Milker (Tie)
2017 ALBA All American 2 Year Old
2018 ALBA All American 3 Year Old
2019 ALBA Reserve All American 4 Year Old
2020 ALBA All American 5 Year Old

vintage 4 RCH
(Pictured as a 5 Year Old/5th Freshener)

vintage rear 4 may

Sire: SGCH ++*B Kastdemur's SA Stingray
     SS: SG ++*B Kastdemur's Sting
     SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Avena 3*M EX92 2012 ADGA National Champion

Dam: GCH Kastdemur's Ventura 4*M
     DS: SGCH +*B Kastdemur's Landslide EX92
     DD: GCH Kastdemur's Survivor Vanuatu 3*M EX93

ADGA Genetics Link
Born: February 23, 2015
Color: Black
Alpha S1 Casein:  A/F
DNA Typed

          1-06 VG 87 VV+E
          3-03 EX 92 EEEE
          4-06 EX 93 EEEE
          6-06 EX 93 EEEE

          1-01 279 1960 70 60
          2-00 305 2372 73 78 
          3-00 305 2610 79 83
          4-01 303 3407 103 106
          5-00 305 3548 122 107
           ext. 679 6949 229 209  
          7-00 268 2730 91 85


2015 Show Record: 1x 1st, 1x JrGCH, 1x BJDIS
2015 ADGA Nationals - 2nd Place Sr Kid
2015 Sonoma County Fair - 1st Place Senior Kid & Reserve JrGCH

2016 CA State Fair 2nd/2nd udder Yearling Milker
2016 Sonoma County Fair 2nd/2nd udder Yearling Milker

2017 Show Record: 2x1st, 1x2nd, 2xGCH, 1xRCH, 1xBUB, 1xBOB, 1xBDIS
2017 CA State Fair 2nd Place 2 Year Old

2018 ADGA National 1st/2nd udder 3 Year Old

2019 Show Record: 3xBOB, 3xBDIS, 2xBUIS
2019 ADGA National 2nd/1st udder 4 Year Old
2019 Sonoma County Fair 1st/1st udder 4 Year Old
2019 Sonoma County Fair GCH, BU, BUIS

Vintage was special from the day she was born. She started out as a huge, long bodied, long legged kid and that hasn't changed! She showed extremely well as a kid being 2nd at Nationals, and earning herself a Best in Show as well.

She freshened this spring with triplets which took a lot out of her to start with, but she is now gaining width and depth as the year has gone on. Vintage is a very correct doe with all the right parts and exceptional feet and legs. She freshened with a beautiful mammary that is well attached, good strong medial, correct teat size shape and placement.  She's immature, but we are more than willing to wait for her as we think she is pretty darned special! 

Vintage freshened as a 2 Year old and quickly hit her stride.  She was already a tall doe and she continues to grow into a large framed, correct doe.  The longer she is fresh the better and better she looks.  She has gained a ton of body as a second freshener, and while she only had a single kid this year she is milking very well.  She has everything we like to see...she's uphill, level, long necked, and beautiful feet and legs...yeah, we kinda like this sweet girl!  We like her so much that we retained her handsome 2017 son, Vicco!

Vintage has matured even more as a 3 year old and continues to look better and better each year.  She was 1st place 3 year old at Nationals this year and also a member of our 1st place Best 3 and Dairy Herd groups.  Her son Vicco has given us some lovely kids as well!  

What more can we say about this lovely doe??  She really put it all together this year, winning several BDIS & BUIS awards, Reserve National Champion, a member of our 1st Place Group Classes at Nationals (Dairy Herd, Best 3, Sr Get, and Produce of Dam).  And then this fall she appraised EX93!  She is also on her way to a lactation well over 3000 lbs!  The only thing we ask of her now is to give us a doe kid to retain.  And lets not forget her son, Vermouth -  our 2019 Spotlight Sale Consignment, who sold for $17,000!

Vintage is now a fully mature 5 year old, and looking her best ever!  Having triplets really helped to gain that little bit more depth she needed.  She has been our top milker all spring with a high test of 16.4 lbs!  We just love to look at this doe walk around the barn and watch her do her thing.  She is so correct!  Her son Vicco now has several fresh daughters in multiple herds that freshened this spring.  They all have beautifully shaped, extremely well attached mammaries...they are fancy!

Vintage continues to prove to us just how awesome she is.  Unfortunately, she did not kid in 2021.  But she milked thru and milked very well considering her extended lactation.  She peaked at nearly 13 lbs at over 450 days in milk.  This fall she appraised EX93 for a second time while on her extended lactation (around 530 days in milk at the time).  Both of her milking daughters freshened beautifully and appraised the highest score possible as first fresheners at 89!  We also did IVF on Vintage last fall which resulted in ALL doe kids....and we kept them all in addition to her doe kid from her live breeding.  

Vintage is now retired from the show ring after a pretty bad case of mastitis in the summer of 2022.  While we are sad she will no longer see the show ring, we are hopeful for some more kids from her in the future.

          +*B Kastdemur's Vicco (Now Deceased)
          GCH Kastdemur's Va Va Voom 6*M VG89 FF
          GCH Kastdemur's Vixen 6*M  VG89 FF 
          Kastdemur's Vista
          Kastdemur's Vivace
          Kastdemur's Vivid

vintage 5 june
(Pictured as a 5 Year Old/5th Freshener)
vintage RCH july
(Pictured as a 4 Year Old/4th Freshener)
vintage 4 may 
(Pictured as a 4 Year Old)
vintage 3 august
(Pictured as a 3 Year Old)
vintage 3 june
(Pictured as a 3 Year Old)
vintage 2 july state
(Pictured as a 2 Year Old)
vintage 2
(Pictured as a 2 Year Old)
vintage 2 july
(Pictured as a 2 Year Old)
Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M
(Pictured as a Yearling Milker)
Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M
(Pictured as a Senior Kid)


Kastdemur's Dairy Goats
Santa Rosa, California

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