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 ** ALL animals below are listed for REFERENCE ONLY.  The Nubian Herd was sold in July on 2012**

  +*B Kastdemur's King Of The Hill 
 DNA Typed -  2010 Elite Sire
 2008 ADGA National Premier Nubian Sire

(6 milking King daughters from 3 dams:  L-R Pella's Triple C Hula Hoop & Mahjong,
Kastdemur's AlisonWonderland, Matsuri, SG Mamma Mia, CH Mandalay Bay)

S:  ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador EX90
SS: ++*B Ker-A-Tin Acres Royal Majesty
SD: SGCH Brown Sugar's Chardonnay 5*M  EX91
D:  GCH Lassenwood Miller Kiona *M
DS:  +B Prairie Patch Miller
DD:  Kastdemur's Crown Kailua

Born: April 2005
Brown, Brown Ears, Black Trim

This guy is Krista’s success story of 2004/2005.....our first live A.I. son of Ambassador in years.....out of a doe that we just loved. We really appreciate the length of bone, the angularity, the stretch, the levelness, the feet and legs.....okay....so we think this buck is pretty nice. His daughters & sons have shown the structural correctness that we expected, along with a stronger evidence of dairy character, which is what we expected in this Ambassador son.  His kids resemble the original Ambassador offspring a great deal, and were not disappointed as we've watched them freshen.

++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador EX90, King's sire, was owned by us from the time he was a yearling.  He was used extensively in our herd and is the sire, grandsire & greatgrandsire of multiple Champions, high ADGA National Show placing individuals, National & Reserve National Champions (& Jr. Champions as well), and was named ADGA National Show Premier Sire 3 Times. His daughters include 1997 National Champion GCH Kastdemur's Crown Extatic EX92 & 1999 National Champion GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale EX91.  Granddaughters include  2002 ADGA National Champion SGCH Lynnhaven E Paradise EX92. 2001 ADGA National Champion & 2002 ADGA Reserve National Champion GCH Kastdemur's Aubree EX92, GCH Kastdemur's Finesse EX90 1st yrlg & 2 yr. old in 2003 & 2004.......and many many more.  His sons have produced winners at the National Show as well through the years and three of them have been named Premier Sire there as well - ++*B Kastdemur's King of the Hill, ++*B Kastdemur's Top Brass & ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess (two times!).      

King's first daughter to freshen  was Misha, appraised at 1 month fresh VG89 VVVE.....and then....as a two year old Misha appraised EX90.....finished her GCH.....and was 1st place two year old/1st udder at the 2008 ADGA National Show!  His other daughter Kastdemur's Bella Vista (owned by Jane Robinett) was 5th place in that same class!  His daughters did incredibly well overall, and we couldn't be happier.  He was named 2008 ADGA National Premier Nubian Sire! In 2009 we saw new daughters freshen including Moulin Rouge who was 4th place/1st udder yearling milker at the National Show and appraised VG89 with an E mammary.  Another daughter that has freshened very well is Animosity who now has two CH legs & appraised VG88 with an Excellent Mammary System. 2010 saw the freshening of Kastdemur's Mamma Mia who also appraised with an Excellent mammary system and won her class 5 of 6 times shown as a yearling milker (but her udder was 1st place 6 times!).

The daughters we've seen have strong mammary systems, well delineated & placed teats, strong medial suspensory ligament and a smoothness and strength of area of attachment.  They have strong general appearance, including breed character, as well as beautiful dairy character too.

GCH Lassenwood Miller Kiona *M
SGCH Kastdemur's Misha 3*M EX90
Kastdemur's Mandalay Bay 3*M VG89


  +*B Kastdemur's Full Disclosure


S:  SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service EX91
SS: GCH ++*B Kastdemur's MPR Liaison EX90
SD: GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey 3*M
D:  GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila *M EX90 (2005 ADGA National Champion/Res. Best Udder)
DS:  +B Prairie Patch Miller
DD:  Kastdemur's Crown Kailua

Born: April 2005
Color: Reddish
Brown, White Belt & Blaze, Silver Ears

Linear Appraisal:  1-04 VG89 VEE
                           2-01 EX91 EEE

Full Disclosure is a very attractive buck that is strong in general appearance. He’s got tremendous strength of bone, correctness and power throughout. He's excellent in shoulder assembly & has beautiful rear leg width & angulation.  His dam is GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila – the 2005 ADGA National Champion/Reserve Best Udder (and granddaughter to ++*B Brown Sugar’s Crown Ambassador) and his sire is SG ++*B Kastdemur’s LH Full Service – 1999,2005 & 2006  ADGA National Show Premier Sire, Superior Genetics Buck & 2005  & 2006 Elite Sire (90th percentile). Full Service sired multiple champion, high appraising, high producing daughters that have also done incredibly well at the ADGA National Shows over the years. 

Full Disclosure daughters have been everything we expected, although we don't seem to get a lot of does ourselves!  Uniformly they are level, wide, correct & strong on their feet and legs.  The mammaries we've seen are beautiful & well attached, globular and....downright pretty!   In our herd we have GCH Kastdemur's Sea Breeze who just appraised VG89 with an E mammary finishing her championship as a 3 year old.  Another daughter is SGCH LakeShore Summer Intrigue who finished her CH as a two year old, and is quite lovely.  We've seen several nice daughters in local herds that have been quite competitive in the  show ring locally.   Full Disclosure's sons include CH Kastdemur's Free and Easy appraised EX91 (EEE) and Kastdemur's Full  Breeze also appraised EX91 (EEE).

GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila *M EX90
Paternal Sister:
SGCH Kastdemur's TerraVista *M EX92
GCH Kastdemur's Sea Breeze 5*M VG89


  *B Kastdemur's Time in a Bottle

Time pictured as a baby


S:  SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service EX91 (3x National Premier Sire)
SS: GCH ++*B Kastdemur's MPR Liaison EX92
SD: GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey 3*M
D:  SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity 5*M EX93 (2008 & 2009 ADGA National GCH & BU)
DS:  Sweet Harvest Show Time
DD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Audacity 4*M EX91  (2003 ADGA National Jr. Champion)

Born: March 2008
Black, Tan Trim, Tan Ears, White Splashes

Time in a Bottle.....so, we listen to music alot around here (and okay - sometimes they are the oldies!).  What can you name a single buck kid that has the "old time" coloring - black, very tan trim, and very tan wide, long ears....????  Oh - and he was an AI product at that?  

Time is a line breeding on Full Service, our 3 times ADGA National Show Premier Sire being both his sire and his maternal grandsire. Up Close & Personal - not just a reference in the background of the pedigreel! Full Service comes down from our "Ashley" doe line on his maternal side which produced our 1999 National Champion & Best Udder GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale EX91 and our 2001 National Champion & Best Udder and then 2002 Reserve National Champion & Best udder GCH Kastdemur's Aubree EX92.   His maternal side also traces back on the dam's side as granddam SGCH Kastdemur's Audacity 4*M EX91 (2003 ADGA Natl Jr. Champion) was a daughter of Aubree as well.  Temerity is a product of the same doe line as Full Service - so this was a creative mating to linebred on our own doe ines.   We have found that our GCH ++*B Kastdemur's MPR Liaison EX92 (Full Service & Audacity's Sire) to be an excellent cross and very complimentary on our ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador sons & daughters and subsequent offspring.  

Time is a beautiful buck that looks just like his 2 time ADGANational Champion dam Temerity in structural correctness, length & strength of bone, angularity, dairiness.....width....strength of breed character.... He is so long legged!  His first kids were beautiful, well balanced & strong in breed character as well.  We haven't gotten lots of daughters out of Time, but we finally have some that we were able to keep this past year.  We can't wait to see mammaries on them as they appear to have beautiful widely arched, clean well shaped escutcheons with really nice teat placement.  They are uniformly strong boned with lovely breed character. 

SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity 5*M EX93
Paternal Sister:
SGCH Kastdemur's TerraVista *M EX92
Kastdemur's Baton Rouge VG88


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