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GCH ++B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult
EX92 (EEE)

7 x ADGA National Show Premier LaMancha Sire
(1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008)

Sire of the 2008 ADGA National Champion & Res. Best Udder

Sire of the 2006 ADGA Reserve National Champion

Sire of the 2004 ADGA Reserve National Champion

Sire of the 2001 ADGA Reserve National Champion

S:  SG ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man
SS:  ++*B Clovertop's L Don Juan
SD:  GCH Winterwood's S-O Dreamer 2*M
D:  SGCH One Oak Hill Harlequin Tullia 1*M  EX90
DS:  ++*B Me's Ranch Dutch Harlequin
DD:  Elm Glen Tribute Tumore

Born: February 1996
Color: Light Chamoise

Linear Appraisal: EX92 (EEE)

     Premier Sire at the ADGA National Show in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 AND 2008. Tumult has proven to be a very successful and consistent buck for us. John White and Eric Jermain shared him with us back in October 1997....he’s still here...and always will be. What John & Eric have done for the LaMancha breed in these beautiful One Oak Hill LaManchas is something to be in awe of. Their contribution of these beautiful animals, including Tumult, Tuzla, Tumbleweed, Diva, Jurupa, Jrupual, Jrupent, Tada, Talpa, Tullia, ....the list goes on and on. These animals...and their offspring...are but a very humble recognition of the instincts and dedication these men put into their breeding program.....and have so positively affected the LaMancha breed. Thank you once again.

     Tumult has given us so many wonderful does - both productive and competitive - high in production...high in appraisal....high placing in the show ring. Across the board they have proven themselves beyond question. His daughters have won Premier Sire Awards for him both locally and Nationally. He has sired numerous class winners and two ADGA Reserve National Champions. His daughters include GCH Kastdemur’s Seven Up EX91, GCH Kastdemur’s Citra *M EX92, GCH Kastdemur’s Bad Habits *M EX90, CH Kastdemur’s Angelina EX90, GCH Kastdemur’s Survivor 2*M EX91, GCH Kastdemur’s Mountain Dew 2*M VG89, CH Kastdemur’s Black Beauty EX90, Kastdemur’s Pepsi Twist 2*M EX90, Kastdemur’s Aruba 3rd pl. Yearling Milker 2001 ADGA Nationals (Colorama Sale Consignment), Kastdemur’s Avila 1999 Reserve Jr. Champion, Kastdemur’s HollywoodCelebrity 2003 Recorded Grade Jr. Champion, CH High Tor MT Necco, GCH Kastdemur’s Seville 3*M, Kastdemur’s Chava 2nd pl. Yealing Milker 2004 ADGA Nationals, Kastdemur’s Hot Fudge Sundae, 3rd pl. Yearling Milker CA State Fair.

     His sons include *B Kastdemur’s Inside Information - who sired the 2004 ADGA Best LaMancha Udder - GCH Kastdemur’s Chocolat 2*M, EX91 as well as +*B Kastdemur’s Bad Attitude (sire of 2004 ADGA Natl 1st pl. 3 yr. Old - Bad News); GCH +*B Becca’s Hemingway; *B Kastdemur’s Divadend - who sired CH Becca’s Ali’i and Becca’s Jruplenty (2 legs) as well as *B Becca’s Too Hot To Handle 2001 Spotlight Sale Buckling - who has in turn sired CH daughters.

Full Sister:
CH One Oak Hill Medicine Tuzla
2003 ADGA National 2nd pl. Get-Of-Sire
2004 ADGA National 1st pl. Get-Of-Sire


Daughter: Daughter:
GCH Kastdemur's Seven-Up 2*M
2001 ADGA Reserve National Champion
GCH Kastdemur's Mountain Dew 2*M
91 (EEEE)
2004 ADGA Reserve National Champion
1st pl./1st Udder Milking Yearling 1999 ADGA Nationals
1st pl./1st Udder Three Year-Old 2001 ADGA Nationals
Supreme Champion 2001 California State Fair
1st pl./1st Udder Five-Six Year-Old 2003 ADGA Nationals
2nd pl. Senior Yearling 2003 ADGA Nationals
1st pl. 1st Udder Two Year-Old 2004 ADGA Nationals
DHIR 1-11 175 1450 46 41 IP




1st pl. Senior Get Of Sire 2004 ADGA Nationals SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits 4*M
(L-R) GCH Kastdemur's Citra 2*M, GCH Kastdemur's Survivor 2*M, CH GCH Kastdemur's Mountain Dew 2*M)
2nd pl. 2003 ADGA Nationals
1st pl. 2002 ADGA Nationals
1st pl. 2001 ADGA Nationals

2nd pl./2nd udder Milking Yearling 1999 ADGA Nationals
2nd pl./2nd udder Three Year-Old 2001 ADGA Nationals
6th pl./3rd udder Four Year-Old 2002 ADGA Nationals



GCH Kastdemur's Citra 2*M GCH Kastdemur's Survivor 2*M
DHIR 4-11 207 1720 68 53 IP
1st pl./2nd Udder Two Year-Old 2001 ADGA Nationas
2nd pl./2nd Udder Three Year-Old 2002 ADGA Nationals
2nd pl./2nd Udder Four Year-Old 2003 ADGA Nationals
2nd pl./2nd Udder Five-Six Year-Old 2004 ADGA Nationals
DHIR 2-11 160 1700 56 45 IP
1st pl. Junior Kid 2001 ADGA Nationals
2nd pl./1st Udder Milking Yearling 2002 ADGA Nationals
6th pl. Two Year-Old 2003 ADGA Nationals
4th pl.  Three Year-Old 2004 ADGA Nationals


SGCH Kastdemur's Pepsi Twist 2*M Kastdemur's Chava 3*M
DHIR 1-11 187 2350 74 66 IP
4th pl. Junior Kid 2002 ADGA Nationals
6th pl./3rd Udder Two Year-Old 2004 ADGA Nationals
2nd pl. Milking Yearling 2004 ADGA Nationals


SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M SGCH Kastdemur's Shasta 2*M
2006 ADGA Reserve National Champion
2008 ADGA National Champion /Reserve Best Udder
2005 ADGA National 1st/2nd udder Yearling Milker
2006 ADGA National 2nd/2nd udder 2 Year Old




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