citra 5
(Pictured as a 5-year-old/5th Freshener)
citra 5 rear
(Pictured as a 5-year-old/5th Freshener)

Sire: GCH ++*B One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult EX92
     SS: GCH ++B Winterwood's The Medicine Man
     SD: GCH One Oak Hill Harlequin Tullia

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Sprite 1*M
     DS: +*B Little-Bic's BackToTheFuture
     DD: Kastdemur's VID Melissa

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Born: April 1, 1999
Color: Chamoisee, White Belt

          4-02 EX91  EEVE
          5-02 EX92  EEVE

          4-11  304 2200 93  71
          6-00  155 1510 47  41


         1999 ADGA National 4th pl. Junior Kid
         1999 Sonoma Co. Fair Junior Champion, 1st pl. Junior Kid

         2000 CA State Fair 1st pl. Milking Yearling
         2000 Sonoma Co. Fair 1st pl. Milking Yearling

         2001 ADGA National 1st/2nd Udder 2 yr. Old
         2001 CA State Fair 1st/1st Udder 2 yr. Old

         2002 ADGA National 2nd/3rd Udder 3 yr. Old
         2002 Record: 4x1st, 3xGCH

         2003 ADGA Nationals 2nd/2nd Udder 4 yr. Old
         2003 Sonoma Co. Fair 1st/1st Udder 4 yr. Old
         2003 CA State Fair Grand Champion & Best Udder, 1st/1st Udder 4 yr. Old

         2004 ADGA Nationals 2nd/2nd Udder 5-6 yr. Old
         2004 Sonoma Co. Fair 1st/1st Udder 5 yr. Old
         2004 CA State Fair 1st/1st Udder 5 yr. Old 
         2004 Record: 4xBOB, 3xBIS, 2xBUIS

         2005 ADGA Nationals 1st pl. Produce of Dam
         2005 CA State Fair 1st pl. Produce of Dam


         Citra is a special girl to us. General appearance is her strength, being uphill, incredibly level and wide, and standing on great feet and legs. Her mammary system is held high and tight up against her body wall with a very wide and high rear udder attachment. She’s consistent in the show ring both locally and at the National level, she’s consistent in her appraisal scores, she consistent in her production...and she’s consistent in her attitude. A bit of a “devil” child in this girl - she doesn’t take anything off of anyone anywhere...

     Her daughter SG Kastdemur’s Citrillion 3*M EX92 has been several times 1st in her classes both as a kid and a milker, was 5th pl. 2 yr. old a the 2005 ADGA Nationals and was 1st pl./1st udder 2 yr. old LaMancha at the CA State Fair and was also named Best Udder. Citra and her daughter Citrillion were 1st in the dam and daughter class at the 2004 CA State Fair, and stood 2nd pl. to Chocolat & Chava at the 2004 ADGA National Show. Daughter Kastdemur’s Zima 3*M was 11th 3 year old at the 2005 National Show and appraised EX90 this year. Zima, paired up with Citrillion to be 2nd pl. Produce of Dam right behind Sprite’s Produce at the 2004 National Show, and were 1st pl. Produce of Dam at the 2005 National Show, defeating grandma Sprite’s produce for the first time in four years!

     Citra’s son *B Kastdemur’s Citron was one of our herdsires and his daughters show the strength of general appearance so prevalent in this doe’s offspring. Another son is *B Kastdemur’s In A NY Minute owned by Lynnhaven in New York.




citra 5(Pictured as a 5-year-old) citra 2(Pictured as a 2-year-old)
citra 1
(Pictured as a Yearling Milker)



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