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GCH Kastdemur's Orange Crush 4*M

(Pictured as a 4 year old/4th Freshener)


Linear Appraisal:

1-03  VG85 VEV+
2-03  EX90 EEEV
3-05 EX90 VEEE


1-11 309 2200 75 67
3-00 232 1450 44 43
4-00 277 1880 56 53

   Show Placings:

- 2002 CA State Fair Best Junior Doe-In-Show, 

- 2002 CA State Fair Junior Champion, 1st pl. Intermediate Kid

- 2003 ADGA National 11th pl. Milking Yearling

- 2003 CA State Fair 1st/2nd Udder Milking Yearling

- 2003 Record: 2x1st, 1x2nd, 1x3rd

- 2004 ADGA National 3rd pl. 2 yr. Old

- 2004 Sonoma Co. Fair 2nd/2nd Udder 2 yr. Old

- 2004 CA State Fair 4th pl. 2 yr. Old

- 2004 Record: 5x1st, 1x2nd, 2xGCH, 1xRGCH

- 2005 ADGA National 3rd/3rd Udder 3 yr. Old

- 2005 Sonoma Co. Fair 4th pl. 3 yr. Old

- 2005 CA State Fair 4th pl. 3 yr. Old

- 2006 ADGA National 13th pl. 4 year old

- 2006 CA State Fair 4th pl. 4 year old


S:  +*B Kastdemur's Bad Attitude  EX90
SS:  ++*B Kastdemur's Inside Information
SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Bad Habits 3*M  EX90
D:  SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M  EX93 (2005 ADGA National GCH & BU)
DS:  GCH +*B Becca's Hemingway  EX90
DD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Seven-Up 2*M  EX91 (2001 ADGA Res. National GCH)

Born: March 2002
Color: Red Chamoisee, Large White Belt

     Crush is just one of those girls that grows on you....just keeps getting better with age. Shes got a very wide muzzle...and carries that width throughout. Shes big, tall, strong boned, angular, and very correct in feet and legs and all the structural categories. Crush is very aggressive - no one will ever forget her when its time to eat, time to be milked, to load in the truck, get treats, attention....or anything else! Her very few daughters throughout the years have been very competitive in the show ring and have placed at the very top of the classes at the National Show. She herself has been 3rd in her individual class at the National Show  in 2004 & 2005. Along with her dam Slice, they were the 3rd place Dam & Daughter in 2004, but were 1st place Dam & Daughter at the 2005 ADGA National Show. This girl is as solid as they come.  The breeding to Zephyr should bring more correctness in teat placement, and also accentuate the beautiful dairiness and angularity that Crush herself exhibits.

Crush's Progeny in the herd include:
Kastdemur's Orange Smoothie 5*M VG89 VEEE


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